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The crypto industry is fraught with overwhelming hype, constant speculation and shameless self-promotion. There is little substance to all the outlandish claims. It is hard, if not impossible to discern a genuine opportunity from a pool of continuously streaming information.

At CryptoCritic we strive to separate the signal from the noise by proving in-depth research, analysis and insight to our readers. It is easy to make money in a bull market. Seemingly any bet would yield a profit. Yet, no bull market is constant – as all markets fluctuate. You have to keep pace with one of the fastest moving and volatile financial markets today.


Our approach is simple – we make short-term investments (internally called plays). However, we don’t just pick a few dozens of “good-looking” tokens and hold them in a portfolio. That might work in the ever-rising stock market, but not in crypto (due to ultra-high volatility and large drawdowns). A lot of research and analysis goes into getting a qualifier moved into an actual play.

One thing I always repeat to my team is “WE MUST HAVE AN OVERWHELMING AMOUNT OF EVIDENCE TO MAKE A PLAY”. Let me repeat: “AN OVERWHELMING AMOUNT OF EVIDENCE”. If we are only 50% or 60% sure, that is not enough. We have to be 90% sure or better that everything points in the right direction before pulling a trigger. With every play, we build a case. There are dozens of items that must be checked off before the case gets a day in court. High-level of selectivity is key.

We don’t hold bags. A 20-year long investment is better suited for stocks or real estate. We are constantly seeking special situations, where all evidence points to a profitable outcome. Then, we look for the best levels for entry and exit. A typical play might last only a couple of weeks.

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