— FAQ —

We get a lot of questions about our company and aspects of our business. Below are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we have received. Come back periodically – this section is being updated regularly.

A. Crypto Critic is a crypto research and analysis firm, specializing in providing actionable insight for its readers.

A. Crypto Critic was created by Timothy J. Maxwell - a leading trading system architect and trader with over 24 years of experience trading stocks, futures/options, FX and crypto.

A. Crypto Critic was formed in June 2018. However, the underlying principles, guidelines, and techniques have been in development since 1994.

A. Most crypto sources today could be divided into two categories. The first is fraught with hype and self-promotion. The second is full of specific facts and numbers. We feel that neither category is particularly useful for investors. We strive to provide actionable insight with zero hype.

A. We have concluded that the fundamental (specifically event-driven) analysis is far superior to technical analysis. However, technical analysis is still very useful for choosing the precise entry/exit zones.

A. We study the company's website, whitepaper, team, forums, social media, articles, and competition. Moreover, we analyze the token price charts and study price action on various exchanges.

A. Mostly TradingView & Coinigy. We have also developed some proprietary research/analysis/trading tools.

A. Yes, we trade our own funds on all of our recommendations.

A. No, we cannot. However, our methodology has been quite successful in our own trading since its inception.

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