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With the recent global explosion of crypto, many investors are now familiar with the basics. However, most lack an in-depth understanding of how to navigate through a complete crypto investment cycle. This e-book is designed to provide investors with such a framework.

We wrote this e-book to be a guide with an institutional-grade approach that is typically utilized by banks, mutual funds, hedge funds, funds of funds, CTAs (Commodity Trading Advisors), CPOs (Commodity Pool Operators) and other financial institutions and not readily available to individuals. It is based on our own trading experience over the past 24 years but applied specifically at the crypto market.

Presently, there are over 2,200 coins/tokens traded worldwide in multiple pairs. Choosing the right situation from such a vast number of tradable instruments could be a daunting task. However, by breaking the investment cycle into small digestible tasks, we hope to arm you with all the knowledge to make the right decisions.


QuickAlerts is a productivity extension for Google Chrome that makes interacting with tradingview.com much easier.

We use QuickAlerts in-conjunction with tradingview to trade cryptocurrencies. It’s the easiest way to keep alerts manageable, even when you’ve got 200 of them. You’ll easily save hours by not having to edit each individual alert all the time. QuickAlerts helps you catch errors in your alert settings before they become a problem. The clean spreadsheet format makes it very easy to see if your alerts have any undesired settings and correct them.

Some of its features include:

> Export all alerts instantly to a csv
> Import a csv and update/delete/create alerts based on the differences
> Sync Graph indicators to match alerts when you click on them
> Alphabetically order alerts by CoinPair Name

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